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 What's the Artisan about

The latest in a series of L'Esperance Guitars is the 613CS Artisan. If you're looking for creative freedom, you've just reached your destination. The Artisan is a very versatile tool. It can be a hard core rocker one minute then, soft and subtle the next. Based off of my Singlecut version comes a uniquely defined instrument ready for all artistic endeavors. 


The low down


25" scale, bolt-on neck drop top six string. 12" radius fingerboard with 1-11/16" width nut, 22 frets, M.O.P. inlay and dots. Hipshot or Floyd Rose bridges and Hipshot or Grover Tuning machines available. 25.5" scale also available.

Artisan Carved Top

Another variation of the Artisan is born. This is the Artisan Carved Top version. Still a heart throbbing riff monster but with a slick, elegantly carved top.

finished pic 1_edited.jpg
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