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Doublecut - Drop Top


Sooo...let's just keep making cool guitars based off of my already great Doublecut model! For those who like a drop top set neck or bolt-on neck, this one is just for you. Just a fantastic design. This is a Doublecut Drop Top. Same great tone, same great playability. Comes in a 25" scale length.


 Pricing starts at $1799.00 Standard, $2099.00 Special Series.

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What's this one all about?


25" scale, bolt-on neck, drop top six string.12" radius fingerboard with 1-11/16" width, 22 frets, M.O.P. inlays and dots. Hipshot, Tone Pros, or Floyd Rose bridges and Grover Tuning machines available.

DSC_0085 (2).JPG
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