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 Feel free to browse through our models. You’ll find detailed photos, standard specs, and some info on each of our models. 

Doublecut - Carved Top

This one spent a lot of time on the drawing board but I wanted to come up with a guitar that would satisfy the carved top, set neck players out there. A ton of thought went into the design of this cool tool. The asymmetric body style is unlike any other design out there. This original design laid down the path to everything that followed.

DSC_0117 (2).JPG

Singlecut - Carved top now I wanted to give the carved top audience a single cut version of a carved top set neck as well. Here it is! Introducing the Single cut. Again the unique asymmetrical body style and carve is unlike anyone else’s. I dear you to play it all night. No... really... I dear you!!!


Doublecut - Drop Top


Sooo...let's just keep making cool guitars based off of my already great Doublecut model! For those who like a drop top set neck or bolt-on neck, this one is just for you. Just a fantastic design. Same great tone, same great playability.

DSC_0085 (2).JPG

Singlecut - Drop Top

Back in the day muscle car enthusiasts created "Sleepers" which were unassuming, horse power beasts that looked like daily drivers. Well, don't let this one fool you. Yeah,,,this one is bad to the bone. This 25" scale bolt-on drop top is one that gets a lot of attention for being a twang monster. What do ya think? Wanna give one a try?



The latest in a series of L'Esperance Guitars is the Atisan. If you're looking for creative freedom, you've just reached your destination. This one is so versatile. It can be a hard core rocker one second, then soft and subtle the next. This one is the workhorse of my entire fleet. Based off of my Singlecut version comes a uniquely defined instrument ready for your artistic endeavors. 

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