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L'Esperance Guitars - Endorsing artists

Bassist for his main band E-Squared, other accomplishments: The Take Kindlies along with Pete Pawsey's Trio and Seth Smith Seven Season's band. 

Eric Pittman

L'Esperance Guitars - Players/Owners

Parker Millar

Singer song writer from New Bern, N.C.

NoNo Clay

Singer song writer from 7 Lakes, N.C


TC Marsh

Musician from Sanford, N.C.

Pete Rahoniotis

Musician from Raleigh, N.C.

Max Hardwick

Musician from Sanford, N.C.


About Raelynn

 My Grandbaby Raelynn aspires to be a guitar player as soon as she can ditch the diapers... Their not so cool when your jamming in front of an audience! She loves L'Esperance Guitars, just ask her!

Other testimonials:

I was looking for a guitar that could produce both "Single coil" Strat and "Humbucker" Les Paul tones. Paul from L'Esperance Guitars has DELIVERED! His design coupled with the choice of fine tone woods and pickups have given me the brights AND the meaty tones that Ive been searching for. I too, was blown away by the sustain this guitar has. Locating the split coil switch conveniently between the volume and tone knobs lets me dial in sounds quickly. And the look of this guitar is simply stunning! The best part is it's one of a kind built to my specs. Excellent job Paul--

Another satisfied customer.

Jason Morris


Paul and I talked for months about making my L'Esperance guitar. What kind of electronics I wanted, what style neck, what paint job, woods etc...I finally made up my mind and the work began. In just a few months, I received the call that the guitar was finished. This guitar is Amazing!! It is exactly what I wanted and imagined it would be. The tone and sustain on this guitar is phenomenal. Custom is the only way to go and my L'Esperance Guitar is one of the finest. She screams.

Thanks again Paul,

Jamie Robertson 

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L'Esperance Guitars "Custom is what it's all about!"

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