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Welcome to L'Esperance Guitars!


  Hey this is Paul...I've been building custom electric guitars and basses since 2007 for some of the most down to earth players out there. As far as my experiences in building guitars goes, well, that actually goes back to 1990 when I started building my first bass guitar. The plan was to build basses only, but, I quickly found out that there were way more guitarists out there than bassists. When I'd show a bass to a musician they'd say "That's beautiful, but do you build six strings?" No wonder I was able to get gigs so easily. So I decided to go with a guitar line as well. I came up with a design and I've been building guitars ever since and basses have picked up too. 

  So, here's what's going on at L'Esperance Guitars. I don't purchase necks and bodies from other manufacturers and assemble guitars. No, that's not what I do here! These are my own designs built by me, a luthier, with my hands. I like to use old school build techniques along with some modern techniques that improve upon some of the inherent issues guitars have always had. These are classic yet modern designs. I use only the finest materials available and every single step in the build process receives my undivided attention, right down to the smallest details. By building in this manner I can ensure the highest  quality in a custom built instrument. This enables me to achieve a uniqueness that isn't found in the current market place of mass production. It's really the little things that make a difference that only a seasoned musician can feel or hear. Yeah...and I do all that with my hands.


  Great playability, sound quality, solid long lasting construction, and outstanding good looks are what you get from one of my instruments.  Above all, a guitar is a musicians tool... so I create tools for serious musicians. Please browse around the site and see what we have to offer.

Thanks for visiting L'Esperance Guitars!

Paul Gagnon, Luthier


                                              "Custom is what it's all about"


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